Oat Infinite Love Blanket
Oat Infinite Love Blanket

Oat Infinite Love Blanket

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Made by BIG LOViE

Light as a whisper, plush as an angel’s wing, our premium Guardian Angel blanket offers an entirely new level of sumptuous softness. 

Big Lovie: 43” x 70”

Made with chenille yarn.

Why We Love Big LOViE

BIG LOViE's mission has always been to bring more joy, comfort, and warmth to the world, and giving back is a cornerstone of BIG LOViE. “A blanket inherently has a special way to bring comfort, but when we infuse a mission and meaning, it takes it to a new level.” 

And they explored ways for BIG LOViE to humbly help others by launching a charitable partners program to spread comfort, joy, and love even further.

Big Lovie also donates a blanket to a child in need of warmth  & love for every blanket purchased.