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Happy Friday! Welcome to our first Cozy with Posey blog post.
A month ago, we launched Cozy with Posey! Wow -  It has brought us immeasurable joy to curate gifts for all of you. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!
We at Cozy with Posey have become infatuated with Hygge (pronounced HOO-GA). “Hygge” is a Danish word that actually has no literal translation in English but can be loosely understood as “cozy”. But, it’s not just cozy – it’s so much more. Hygge is the art of building a sanctuary and a haven in your home, connecting and spending time with your loved ones, slowing down to celebrate the little moments in every day, and creating feelings of warmth and happiness. It’s so much more than just a word. It’s a movement”- Love and Renovations. As a company that promotes coziness in any space, our values align with the idea of Hygge closely. “From wooly throws and warm cups of tea to roaring fires and candles galore—the creators of Hygge Life reveal easy, affordable ways to turn your home into the ultimate cozy setting” - Hygge House Home. To me, Hygge is curling up in my bay window, with a pot of hot tea, a good book and a fluffy blanket.
We thought it would be most appropriate to start our first blog series with The Hygge Manifesto:
1.     Atmosphere –Turn down the lights.
2.     Presence – Be here now. Turn off the phone.
3.     Pleasure – Coffee, chocolate, cookies, cakes, candy. 
4.     Equality – “We” over “me”. Share the tasks and the airtime.
5.     Gratitude – Take it in. This might be as good as it gets.
6.     Harmony – It’s not a competition. We already like you. There is no need to brag about your achievements.
7.     Comfort – Get comfy. Take a break. It’s all about relaxation.
8.     Truce – No drama. Let’s discuss politics another day.
9.     Togetherness – Build relationships and narratives. “Do you remember the time we…?”
10.  Shelter – This is your tribe. This is a place of peace and security.
We drew a lot of inspiration from the book below. It’s a must read!
  • The New Yorker wrote a wonderful post about Hygge, “ Louisa Thomsen Brits, a British-Danish writer, casts hygge as a state of mindfulness: how to make essential and mundane tasks dignified, joyful, and beautiful, how to live a life connected with loved ones.”
  • Country Living illustrated Hygge as “But if you want to be truly hygge, just remember to appreciate the simple things that bring joy to your life. Instead of complaining about the bad weather this winter, light some candles and hunker down with a cup of tea and that book you've been meaning to read for months. Or if you're feeling more social, cook up a pot of your famous chili recipe and invite your friends over for a board game night. Have fun getting hygge with it!”
Each week, we’ll dive into each manifesto! We look forward to taking you along this journey with us.
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