Hygge - Pleasure

This week we are focusing on Pleasure - Coffee, chocolate, cookies, cakes, candy. Seems simple enough. How do we incorporate these pleasures, as well as, stay present. It’s so easy to indulge in these while doing other things. 
I’ve found that taking the time to bake or brew a pot of tea or make the perfect cup of hot cocoa really makes the difference when indulging. I’ve included a few of my favorite items to bake:
2.     The Best Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies (currently baking these WAY too often)
3.     Apple Pandowdy
What’s better than a fresh baked treat than a fresh baked treat AND a hot beverage. We love Moonstruck Chocolate’s Hot Cocoa. If not hot cocoa, try out one of the wonderful teas. Hot drinks like tea, mulled wine, or cocoa are always hygge. You can’t gulp them because you’ll burn your tongue, so you’re absolutely forced to slow down and savor the moment. To be fully hygge, take some time to enjoy your tea in a pretty cup or mug and serve it along with a little something sweet - Midliferambler. This is sure to bring a lot of pleasure and super cozy vibes.
What pleases you? 
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