Hygge - Equality

Hello! Thanks for joining us for our weekly topic - Equality – “We” over “me.” Share the tasks and the airtime.
Spend quality time with family and friends. The simplest and sweetest moments of life are those that we remember and value the most. It’s about surrounding yourself with a few close friends or family members in an environment of comfort, trust, and security. I personally take advantage of any opportunity to cook or bake at home, invite a few people over and have a long dinner around the table, enjoying an array of home-cooked meals and great conversation. It must be the European roots in me that thrives in this environment.
Comfort food is a treat in any form, but there's something incredibly satisfying about creating comfort food from scratch. Homemade chicken noodle soup is super easy to make. All you need are some veggies, a full chicken, and a whole mess of herbs, and pretty soon, the aroma of your childhood will fill your entire cozy sanctuary.
Play a board game after dinner. What’s cozier than a warm bowl of soup then board games? A cozy board game. Maybe even include some tips from last week’s blog and incorporate some baking and warm drinks.
Let’s face it—we could all stand to spend more time at home cooking up a slow meal, or getting coffee with our cousins, or taking in the glow of a golden hour in the afternoon. So I invite you to take a little hygge inventory of your life and ask yourself what sort of coziness/togetherness/happiness you might be missing - Black Sheep Agency.
What does equality look like in your home?
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